Formula E reveals record calendar for 2024 but three venues are to be confirmed

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Formula E has revealed its provisional calendar for the 2024 season, with 17 races taking place in 13 urban locations across the globe.

Three of those venues are yet to be determined, while the planned addition of Tokyo still awaits confirmation from the Japanese motorsport federation. If all the races go ahead, it will be the longest FE season ever.

FE has been working for several years on adding a race in Tokyo, and major progress was made last October when an agreement was signed for a race to take place. It gained local political support as part of a zero-emissions initiative in the city, and the track will use “roads around the Tokyo Big Sight convention centre on the Tokyo Bay waterfront”.

Two demonstration runs of FE cars in Japan’s capital city took place in 2015 and 2016. There were reports another demo would take place ahead of the Tokyo joining the calendar next season.

Should it receive ASN approval, then Tokyo’s race will be the seventh of the season and will run on 30th March, 2024.

After assuming the season-opener slot for this year, Mexico City will kick the action off again for the championship’s 10th season next January, with a Diriyah double-header taking place at night time later in the month.

February’s two rounds have no location next to their race dates. Following those the series will head to Sao Paolo for a second time in mid-March. The Brazilian city was first supposed to host FE back in 2018, but the race was postponed into the next season and then cancelled before finally taking place this year.

After Tokyo, FE heads to Europe for a double-header in Rome, a race in Monaco then another double-header in Berlin. There is another ‘TBD’ slot on the calendar after that, then the season concludes with trips to Jakarta and Portland in June and then a London double-header in July.

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FE says it is in “advanced discussions with a range of potential host cities” for the yet to be determined rounds, with the indication that all of the candidates would be new locations for FE rather than returning venues such as Hyderabad and Cape Town which are included in this year’s calendar.

Alberto Longo, FE’s chief officer, explained the logic behind the series’ venue selections for 2024: “The season 10 calendar represents our ongoing mission to create a dynamic schedule of new cities hosting races for the first or second time like Tokyo, São Paulo and Portland alongside established hosts like Berlin, Rome, London, Monaco, Diriyah and now Jakarta.”

The FE grid will continue to consist of 11 teams for next season, which will be the second using the ‘Gen3’ car. If all 17 races take place it will be a new record for the series, which held 16 races last season and is scheduled to do so again this year.

2024 Formula E calendar (season 10)

Date Venue Country
13/1/2024 Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexico
26/1/2024 Diriyah Saudi Arabia
27/1/2024 Diriyah Saudi Arabia
10/2/2024 TBC TBC
24/2/2024 TBC TBC
16/3/2024 Sau Paulo Brazil
30/3/2024 Tokyo Japan
13/4/2024 Rome Italy
14/4/2024 Rome Italy
27/4/2024 Monaco Monaco
11/5/2024 Berlin Germany
12/5/2024 Berlin Germany
25/5/2024 TBC TBC
8/6/2024 Jakarta Indonesia
29/6/2024 Portland USA
20/7/2024 London United Kingdom
21/7/2024 London United Kingdom

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  • 8 comments on “Formula E reveals record calendar for 2024 but three venues are to be confirmed”

    1. Last paragraph: second (season)?

    2. Weird to announce a calendar with so many TBC. Not even a venue with an asterisk.

      1. RandomMallard
        21st June 2023, 11:53

        @eurobrun I don’t think this is particularly unusual for FE; they’re definitely done this before. Looking at the dates for the first 2 TBC races, I personally hope they return to Hyderabad and Cape Town (held on the corresponding weekends this year), as I thought they were pretty good venues for FE, and the racing was quite interesting.

    3. it would be nice to see some proper race tracks take up the empty spots

      1. It would be nice to see FE cars that could race a proper race track.

      2. RandomMallard
        21st June 2023, 11:48

        @napierrailton This weekend they are at Portland International Raceway (a track used by Indycar and NASCAR), and from my understanding, it looks like they’re using the full layout, with very few (if any) modifications – the only one which I’m aware of is a very slightly different chicane at T1/2 than Indycar uses (I suspect it will be slightly tighter to allow for more braking).

        I am yet to see if they make any other aesthetic changes (I remember they tried to “decorate” the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia once with some barriers so it felt ‘more like a street circuit’), but in terms of getting them onto proper circuits, I hope this is a good step: I certainly think it’s better than the Valencia and Puebla attempts, or to a lesser extent Mexico City (while the track is heavily modified, I still think it’s one of the better ones on the FE calendar). Will definitely be interesting to see how well they perform/race there.

    4. Some “Proper” Tracks I’d LIKE to see FE race at:

      Brands Hatch Indy,
      Circuit Gilles Villeneuve,
      Suzuka East Course,
      Portland International Raceway,
      Queensland Raceway,

      1. RandomMallard
        21st June 2023, 11:49

        StephenH You’re in luck! They’re racing at Portland this weekend!

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